Challenge the conventional wisdom; Fail and make mistakes; Don�t play safe; Think out-of-the-box; Be a daydreamer; Be very different; Don�t follow the beaten path; Go where no one has dared to go; Connect the unconnected; Think the unthinkable; Do the undoable; Follow the �next� practice instead of best practice; Be creative; Blend arts and science; Make six new products instead of Six-Sigma; Strive for excellence; Follow your passions; Look for problems to innovate � Because these are some of the most important business insights from the rags to riches story of the world�s richest billionaires and fortune 500 companies. All these and many more important business insights are categorized in � �Five Thinkings to Win�. Five Thinkings are to business, what five senses are to a man.

5 Thinkings to Win

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