It is a phenomenon which was waiting to happen. Quality management is no more the legacy of the west. Pravin Rajpal of FICCI Quality Forum has completely reversed the trend where western countries and global business leaders are using our cost- effective solutions in business excellence.� � Economic Times We live in a world, where today�s breakthrough product is tomorrow�s un-differentiated commodity. Customer expectations, needs and demands are changing overnight. They are demanding more than ever before and will not settle for any thing less than the �BEST� or �EXCELLENT�. They continuously demand excellent quality, great designs, new features, WOW factors and innovation. For getting all these, they want to spend lesser money, time and efforts.New benchmarks for excellence are set up and even surpassed every day. There is one big question, which every one is asking - �How do we meet these challenges?� The answer is �Business Excellence� � We don�t have any other choice! The book is a 21st century business plan for achieving breakthrough business results, sustainable competitive advantages and innovation, in order to stay ahead in the most competitive and demanding scenario. A unique compilation specially designed for you to ACHIEVE MORE.

Achieving Business Excellence

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