�Curiouser and curiouser!� On a hot, sunny day Alice sees a rabbit in a waistcoat and follows it into a large hole. With this, Alice goes spiralling down into a fantastical land of very strange creatures - talking White Rabbit, a Frog-Footman, smiling Cheshire Cat, hookah-smoking Caterpillar, Mad Hatter and, of course, the cruel Queen. A land where Alice can be three inches or nine feet tall with just a gulp of a �curious� drink or a bite of a mushroom; a place where everything and anything is possible . But where is this strange land? And will Alice ever get out of this mysterious place and go back to the real world? Alice in Wonderland is a classic book for all ages as Lewis Carroll blends imagination and word-play to create a world of wonders.

Alice in Wonderland : Om Illustrated Classics

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    Lewis Carroll
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