The concept of hand-painted poster arrived in India with the cinema itself. So the story of poster art, from handpainted to offset printing to digitalization, is a story of a gradual fading of this beautiful art and craftsmanship, which in many ways, articulates the journey of cinema in India itself. From hand-painted posters with stars in beautiful paintbrush expressions to total mechanization in the digital era, where one has to just capture a frame from the film and then blow it up leaves nothing to imagination or creativity. In the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century the posters told a story, in the new millennium they are digital wonders without a soul or a space for creative expression involving the paintbrush. Balkrishna Vaiya�s studio in Dadar, Mumbai and many others, attracted crowds because the film stars, in their fancy cars but without the now infamous retinue, arrived at the small atelier to pose in person. Their portraits were celebrated, not just in posters but also in the living rooms. From time to time one hears of an enthusiast in Mumbai and elsewhere with whom collecting tinselville trivia has been a passion. There are stories of obsessed Indian movie lovers the world over who have archives of materials on their idols. S M M Ausaja has been one of them. Not only is he a diehard Amitabh Bachchan fan, who came to Mumbai from Lucknow after a management degree, and began with collecting the millennium star�s photographs, posters, and trinkets while handling TV software production to make a living, but also become a huge collector himself. Ausaja now has more than 5000 posters - mostly handpainted lithographic prints - from 1931 to the present, from which the present selection of some milestone films has been carefully made. Nostalgia redeemed from a glorious past. A visual delight for cinema lovers.

Bollywood in Posters

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