If you have always stood stupefied, wondering at the skill of the �magician� behind the bar counter as he has gone about creating the perfect concoction of taste and colour; with a cup of this and a dash of that, then Cheers 365 Cocktails and Mocktails gives you the opportunity to create your own magic to liven up an occasion. Guiding you on exactly what and how much to mix, this book also takes a step forward to explain the kind of glasses that should be used when serving these �creations.� With inputs from the most talented bartenders across the country, who strongly believe that �Drinking is an art and requires practice to know how to drink, what to drink and when to drink,� this book lets you join their elusive club to mix the most visually stunning drinks! A complete page turner, this collection promises to truly knock you off your feet!

Cheers : 365 Cocktails and Mocktails

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    Sharmila Chand
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