London, December 1944. Emy hates India. 16 years ago, she had lost her parents there. And all of a sudden, the past beckons. Rather accidentally, Emy chances upon the personal diary of her mother Am�lia, a resigned young woman, straight out of rigid Victorian England, confronted, through a strange India, with her own sexuality. January 1928. Am�lia sets sail with Emy on the first ship to Bombay, to reunite with her husband Thomas, captain in the army at Khalapur, in Rajasthan. But the reunion leaves much to be desired. Thomas seems to have changed unless it is Am�lia who cannot handle the suffocating heat of the Thar desert. Fortunately, there is Kenneth Lowther, Thomas�s friend, an atheist philosopher, who tries to explain to Am�lia, the disconcerting India, its religion, costumes and the magnificence of its maharajas...

India Dreams 1. Misty Trails

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    Jean Francois Charles; Maryse Charles
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    Om Books International
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