Shy and poor Fanny Price is sent off to live with her wealthy aunt, Lady Bertram, thanks to the manipulations of another aunt, Mrs Norris. But her life with the rich Bertrams and her four cousins is not an ideal one.Neglected, Fanny grows up in Mansfield Park and it is her cousin Edmund�s kindness that saves her from being edged out. The arrival of the young Crawfords and their charming ways, coupled with the changed circumstances of Bertrams triggers a chain of events that brings romantic turmoil into the lives of Fanny and everyone at Mansfield Park. Will Fanny ever be able to come out of the fringe? Will Edmund be able to see through Mary Crawford�s selfishness? Mansfield Park offers an intriguing exploration of manners, morals and relationships.

Mansfield Park : Om Illustrated Classics

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    Jane Austen
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