I grew up listening to Meera songs sung originally by Lata Mangeshkar in an albumcalled Chala Vahi Des. These etched Meera�s image on my mind: that of an intense, pristine and blissful soul. The beauty, depth, simplicity and musical quality of her poetry mesmerised me. I spontaneously connected to her passion, her feminine longing for love, as well as her uninhibited self-expression. In fact, I discovered a unique magic mantra to happiness in Meera�s �magan bhaav� (an inward, blissful state of being), anand bhaav (a joyous state of being) and �prem bhaav� (a state of being, overflowing with love). Every time I sang �Payoji maine Ramratan dhan payo� (A radiant ruby is my find), I would enter such a state of bliss that I would easily lose myself in Meera�s world. The word �Meera� means �ocean� or �oasis� in Sanskrit and I yearned to take this oasis of love to the world. Following my heart�s call, I plunged into the Meera ocean in the belief that Meera would show me the way. Just as Meera surrendered to her mystic man: �Divine love is a novel road, the precious path, pray show�(Prem bhakti ro panth hee nyaro, humko gayl bataaja), I too surrendered myself to this saint-poet. And Meera unwittingly became my friend, guide and inspiration.� Sanjeevani�s identification with Meera is phenomenal. Singing Meera, she transcends into Meera. I wonder if I should seek her blessings or bless her for this spiritual effort! Gulzar The perfume of Meera�s spirit lives in the songs that Sanjeevani sings, in the sweet richness of her voice. Come, breathe deep, and experience the sheer beauty and elation that true devotion can bring...Mahesh Bhatt

Meera and Me

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