One of India�s finest photojournalists, Raghu Rai started shooting Mumbai nearly 40 years ago � from 1970 onwards. Over the years, he captured important occasions, festivals, demonstrations and special moments from the everyday life of ordinary people. It was a varied and mixed experience � of the rich, the famous, the ordinary and the commonplace. For Raghu Rai, Mumbai has been likea mini- New York � the business hub of an over-crowded nation; a cultural melting pot overf lowing with job-seekers, dreamers and dynamic businessmen with a high level of energy almost always palpable in a city wrought with social, cultural, religious and political tensions; and a metropolis that, like Kolkata, had been photographed extensively since the 1850s by some of the finest photographers in the world. The tragic 26/11 attack on Mumbai brought the historic city to the forefront of every Indian�s attention. As a befitting tribute to the city, Raghu Rai decided to put together a personal record of how it has spread its wings, tentacles and roots in every direction over the last few decades. Renowned journalist-columnist-TV interviewer-food writer and more, Vir Sanghvi notes in a brilliant and moving introduction to this invaluable photo history of a city, of the lives of those millions for whom Mumbai will always be a city where dreams never die: �Few modern cities can owe as much to those who came from other places � the so-called �outsiders� � as Bombay. In some sense, nearly everybody who lives in the city is an outsider, or belongs to a family that was once regarded as being outsiders. And yet, without these �outsiders�, Bombay would be nothing.

Mumbai Raghu Rai - Where Dreams Don't Die

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