Rare Gems: A Non-Vegetarian Gourmet Collection From Maharashtra serves as a unique guide to traditional Maharashtrian non-vegetarian cooking. A compilation of some lesser known and some familiar meat, seafood and poultry dishes from many of the major cuisines in Maharashtra, this book aims at preserving the richness and authenticity of traditional recipes from almost every nook and corner of the state. � Kolhapuri Khulaa Rassa � Kombdicha Motla � Khimyachi Parsundi � Lahori Masala � Shahlyatle Maase � Saoji Mutton � Varhadi Kombdi � Navsacha Kombda � Moriche Sukke � Nagpuri Kala Pulao � Shevand Koli Masala � Kolambiche Khadakle Feast on these and other delights of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine and enrich your own gourmet collection of rare and priceless culinary gems.

Rare Gems - a non-vegetarian gourmet collection from Maharastra

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