Everything changes for Mrs Dashwood and her three daughters�Elinor, Marianne and Margaret�on Mr Dashwood�s death. Forcedto leave Norland Park, their beloved home, the four women start anew life in their modest cottage in Barton. But new beginnings bringwith them the whims of youth, romance, heartbreak and much morefor the prudent Elinor and the idealistic Marianne.While Elinor falls for Edward Ferras, a man whose affections appear to be reserved for another woman, Marianne�s romantic fantasies prompt her to choose the handsome, yet fickle, John Willoughby over the silent love of the much-older Colonel Brandon. Is there just heartbreak in store for the Dashwood sisters or will they be able to make choices that will irrevocably change their futures?Jane Austen�s coming-of-age tale is a book for all seasons. With ahost of interesting characters from 18th-century England, Austenuses a sharp, witty story and dramatic plot twists to comment onthe quirks of life in the Georgian era.

Sense and Sensibility : Om Illustrated Classics

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