�It�s the result of their ignorance that my parents married me to that old man. He had every kind of luxury that one can think of but I hated his face. I somehow spent six months and that was the most difficult time of my life. Life wasn't gifted to me to be spent wailing in distress. If you can�t get any joy out of your own life, then what�s the use? In the beginning, I was scared of inviting a bad name but it was only a matter of leaving home and everyone recognised my talent. I had learned singing at home, and soon praises flew in from every direction... In temple gateways, I perform my dances. People plead me to perform. How can I take it as a sign of disrespect? Now if I send one man then the priest from your Krishna Temple will come running away. Yet, if someone considers it a sign of disrespect, then let them."


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    Munshi Premchand
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