Shambhu, explain pollination,� a teacher calls out. A roly-poly boy heaves himself up from his chair and replies, absolutely straight-faced: �Miss,pollination means a nation full of pollies?� As the cheeky fellow, his entire class and their Miss all collapse in a heap of laughter, I sit there at the Films Division Auditorium where Kaccha Limboo is being previewed for the press and I think�uh oh, I�m in love! Yet Bheja Fry director Sagar Ballary�s latest film does not manage to garner the attention that comes the way of (�) the Salman Khan-backed Chillar Party in a year filled with captivating performances by children. (�) Sad, of course, because my god, those kids are killers! (�) Mainstream Bollywood directors working with adults tend to play it safe with their casting. If they don�t get a big star, they try to rope in a medium star (�), a small star (�), anyone but an unknown quantity (�) If the Harry Potter series were to be re-made by (�) Bollywood, it�s not outside the realm of possibility that Aamir Khan and R Madhavan or Sharman Joshi would be approached on priority to play Harry and Ron. (�) The makers of films starring children that dot the pages of my book seem to have been far more (�) risk-inclined.

The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic

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