The Fuss About Queens and Other Stories, a brilliant collection of short stories by Darius Cooper, delves into disparate universes, including the charming world of the Parsis in Mumbai, caught in a cultural and historical time warp, with the fire temple, the tower of silence, dusty tomes of Dostoevsky, and the British monarch�s portrait in a drawing room, set up with period furniture�a truly stunning mosaic. Here are stories that leave you interested till the end. Perverse, yet strait-laced, humorous and pensive at the same time, surreal in flashes, yet rooted to the ground, this volume by Darius Cooper is a first-rate read. Keki N Daruwalla, poet and writer Darius Cooper�s collection of short stories looks at a range of Indian communities, mainly from the middle classes. The drama in these stories is elliptical, which enhances their effectiveness. What is not told us about the characters and the situations works as strongly as the revealed facts; the reach of the stories is thereby amplified. The characters are handled with sympathy and good humour. The prose is supple. Reading these stories is sheer pleasure. Gieve Patel, poet, playwright, painter

The Fuss About Queens and other stories

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