The sage does not accumulate (for himself). the more that he expends for others, The more does he possess of his own; The more that he gives to others, The more does he have himself. Written over 2000 years ago, Tao Te Ching, that roughly translates to �the way of integrity,� remains one of the most translated philosophical books in the world. A series of aphorisms and parables, this central text of Taoism, believed to have been written by its founder, Lao Tzu, invites the reader to follow the Tao or the way, through sound political advice, and the practice of peace, humility, modesty, morality, generosity, virtue, self-knowledge, self-restraint, and balance in order to exist in harmony with the universe. To date, Tao Te Ching remains a relevant guide in many spheres of life for its practical, simple and grassroots wisdom.

The Originals: Tao Te Ching : Unabridged Classics

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