Bodhi Banerjee is a small-time real estate developer, a promoter, who is always pondering the big moral question of all time�how to do good and be right and win at the same time? Bodhi�s life unravels as he unwillingly becomes the central figure in a struggle to preserve a heritage building. His descent is assisted by a large cast of characters. Neera, the woman of Bodhi�s dreams, who keeps dropping hints that she may be in love with someone else. Baba, his father, who wants Bodhi to dream of someone else. Cookie, his business partner, who has several disturbing tendencies. Chhotomama, Bodhi�s communist uncle, who instigates the fight over the historic house. And a family of fallen tycoons, including a deceased philandering patriarch, his delusional widow, their two worthless sons and their wives, and an almost-forgotten bastard son. These characters collide with increasing velocity over two months of farce in sweltering Calcutta. Can anything survive these collisions of muddled men and their desires?

The Promoter

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    Sanjay Chakravorthy
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