The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a fascinating storyabout the battle of good versus evil. It also explores the limitsof scientific research and the dark side of man. The story is toldthrough the eyes of a respectable lawyer called Mr Utterson whois worried for his friend, Dr Henry Jekyll because of his closeassociation with a violent man�Mr Hyde. Despite Mr Utterson�sattempts to speak to his friend, Dr Jekyll completely avoids thesubject. Matters get even more worrisome and complicated whenthe Will of Jekyll is discovered; it clearly states that if he disappearsor dies his fortune will be left to Hyde. Hyde is then seen going intoDr Jekyll�s home several times on different nights. How are the twomen connected? Dr Jekyll is a kind and responsible man but it seemsthat he is protecting Hyde�why?Read the brilliantly illustrated classic to discover the terrible secretthat connects them!

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde : Om Illustrated Classics

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    Robert Louis Stevenson
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