Whether a Modi-baiter or Modi-bhakt (follower), there is near-consensus on one fact: that on 26 May 2014, he changed the face of India forever. Since Independence, India had not seen a Prime Minister like Narendra Damodardas Modi – a worker so indefatigably driven that much before the completion of his first five years, he had impacted every individual, every institution, every Indian in one way or the other.
The politician, the leader, the orator and the ascetic committed to the idea of a New India, has been composed into a single frame by the authors for a comprehensive experience of a leader who makes compelling political history.
With a collection of photographs that would be a reporter’s dream, Turbulence & Triumph: The Modi Years, the definitive portrait of the Prime Minister who inspires as much fan-frenzy as fear-fury, is engagingly insightful.

Turbulence & Triumph : The Modi Years

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  • About The Author

    RAHUL AGARWAL, Editor, News Point, India, is a media professional.
    In 2005, he won the CNN INTERNATIONAL Young Journalist Award
    for his story, “Dead Man Walking”. He has produced several stories
    for CNN World Report, South Asia, and interviewed countless world
    Premiers. He uncovered ground-breaking stories such as the PDS
    scam worth Rs 2000 billion (US$31 billion) of 2003 and the kidney
    scam till 2008 for Zee News Network. His work focuses on the
    intersection of news and digital change and played an instrumental
    role in designing the Government of India’s official Social Media
    Platform. In 2015-16 he was selected as a distant fellow of the United
    Nation RAF fellowship from India.

    BHARATHI S PRADHAN, columnist, critic and best-selling author,
    has been editor of a variety of publications and has written several
    fiction and non-fiction books. Anything But Khamosh, the official
    biography of actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, was an instant success
    while The Dark Horse mapping Priyanka Chopra’s star trek as a
    winner against a pile of odds, topped the charts overnight. Mr Bidi,
    the biography of an industrialist and philanthropist, commissioned by
    a business house, won much appreciation and has been translated
    into Marathi too. With 45 years of journalism behind her, Bharathi is
    an advisory member of the Censor Board, a Founding Member and
    on the Managing Committee of the Film Critics Guild, and a Sunday
    columnist with The Telegraph. She is a strong voice on popular TV
    debates and is deeply interested in politics.