No right, no wrong. No destiny, no karma, no kismat. It's all there, the tide of circumstances, evensts and results. That impels him know more about his history if there was one of a cindered family tree. His father , somewhere on the other side of the border, Pakistan, didn't arouse his interest. Never never never. The two mothers do. Abba, father,was instructed by ma with steely resolve, never ever to see the boy. He attemped to it would have been abnormal if he hadn't. He was humiliated. Like those countless treaties between India and Pakistan- ineffectual. Maybe abba is dead now, may be he's lech with a merry- go- round of a family and mistresses in Lahore,Karachi, Islamabad, Whereverabad, Who cares.' Bravely personal with quantum leaps into the imagination, Two Mothers and Other Stories by film Critic, scriptwriter, playwright and director, Khalid Mohamed, explores a variety of themes ranging from familia bonds, the lingering indian royalty, and media stratagems to Mumbai's fast- vanishing Zorostrian irani cafe's and the bold new world of website sexual relationships. Unfailingly.

Two Mothers and Other Stories

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    Khalid Mohamad
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