Imagine if the bench you�re sitting on could read your mind. What if it had a voice? What if it knew that you lie daily, in your marriage, in your job, to the mirror, to the world? Upon a bright red bench, there is guilt, confusion, stupidity, and even the desire to commit a crime and get away with it. The bench knows you are here to seek wisdom and calmness and all those virtues that you observe and admire in the lives of others. In this story of stories, there are bankers, artists, engineers, journalists, designers, dreamers and doers, who roam the world in search of attention and approval. When their ordinary lives bring them to a bench, they find life-altering realisations. There is a journey inwards into the present, the bright red present_how often do you take it?

Upon a Bright Red Bench

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    Pallavi Rebbapragada
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    Om Books International
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